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Useful Internet links for Oracle users

Hosted by Oracle Corporation:

Main Oracle Home Page:

Oracle's Technical Reference Web Site:

Oracle's E-business Applications Web Site:

Oracle's News and Events Web Site:

Oracle Documentation:

Users Groups Serving Florida:

Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG):

Oracle Applications Users Group:

Central Florida Oracle Users Group:

ODTUG 2005 presentations:

Specialized Oracle Sites:

Oracle Development Tools Users Group:

TeamDBA - For DBA Tips and Scripts:

The Database Domain - General Oracle Resource Site: - Oracle Faq, Scripts, Articles and Resources:

Select - Magazine of International Oracle Users Group: - Oracle Links, Books, Tips and Tricks:

Underground Oracle Frequently Asked Questions:

The Unofficial Oracle Application Server Site: - For Oracle DBAs:

O'Reilly Oracle Books:

Experts Exchange - Online Oracle Discussion Resource:

Oracle Windows NT Users Group:

Oracle Resources - Portal for DBAs:

Other Oracle Link Pages on the Web:

Oracle FAQ Links:

Oracle User Group Events on OTN:

Google Directory of Oracle Users Groups:

Los Angeles Oracle Users Group Links:

Northern California Oracle Users Group Links:

Northwest Oracle Users Group Links:

Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group Links:

New York Oracle Users Group Links:

WebRing - Oracle Links:;list

The Virtual DBA:

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